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7 days ago

The Washington Post Launches “Service Alley”

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Finding a home care professional during a repair emergency becomes hvac system much

easier with today's launch of "Service Alley" from The Washington Post.

Service Alley is The Washington Post's online marketplace of D.C. area

home service providers that makes it effortless to find, research and

contact local home improvement resources. The new marketplace also lets

Washingtonians keep record of their favorite contractors and discover

new ones through searches and viewing other peoples' favorites. People

can login with Facebook

2 weeks ago

Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News

Lattice Biologics Ltd :Press release - Lattice Biologics issues common shares pursuant to shares for services agreements.

Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 08:00am EDT

MiMedx Group Inc : Q3 revenue $64.4 million versus I/B/E/S view $63.1 million .Q3 revenue view $63.1 million -- Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Monday, 10 Oct 2016 08:30am EDT

Delcath Systems Inc : Empery Asset Management LP reports 5.1 percent passive stake in Delcath Systems Inc as of Sept 30, 2016 - SEC filing Source: ( Further company coverage: [DCTH.O] ((;)).

Thursday, 6 lab equipment supply Oct cryostat 2016 06:00pm EDT

2 weeks ago

Real estate. - Free Online Library



Brookfield Residential

Brookfield Residential of Colorado creates master-planned

communities and sells lots to third-party builders, as well as to their

own homebuilding division. Brookfield also participates in select,

strategic real estate opportunities, including infill projects,

mixed-use developments and joint ventures.

With a mission to create the "best places to call home,"

the Brookfield team has the passion, the expertise and the local

knowledge to craft homes and neighborhoods that speak to home-buyers at

every stage

2 weeks ago

Web Search in 2010 - 7 Search Engines to Watch

While Google is the top search engine, and will most likely continue to be that for a number of years, there is several thousand lesser search engines that are working hard to gain a piece of the search marketplace for themselves.

The English language market for search is dominated by a few big behemoths. According to a report by comScore the market in October 2009 was dominated by Google (65.4%), Yahoo (18.0%), MicrosoWcAgXF ft (9.9%), Ask (3.9%) and AOL (2.9%), followed by MapQuest, eBay, craigslist, Fox, MySpace, Facebook and Amazon.

Still with each 1% of the marketplace for search having a value of $3 Billion at yearly revenues of $332 million you don't have to conquer more

2 weeks ago

James Bannister Admitted to American Board of Criminal Lawyers

GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--James W. ("Jim") Bannister, Managing Partner of Bannister, Wyatt &

Stalvey, LLC, was recently admitted as a Fellow of the American Board of

Criminal Lawyers (ABCL). A prestigious organization founded in 1978,

ABCL is an exclusive national legal honorary society for outstanding

criminal trial attorneys. Bannister is only the fourth attorney in South

Carolina - and the first from Greenville - to be accepted into the

society. He joins the ranks of some of the most recognized and respected

criminal defense advocates in the country.

"I think that any success I have had in my career or the courtroom comes

from the simple fact that I love what I do," said Bannister. "I cannot

imagine doing anything other than defending criminal cases. For me, it

has always been about fighting for the underdog or the powerless."

ABCL Fellowship is extended by invitation only to attorneys with

successful felony trial experience and exceptional references speaking

to a candidate's litigation abilities and ethical character. ABCL

Fellowship applicants must receive two letters of recommendation from

current Fellows, along with three letters of recommendation from sitting

judges. All members have at least 10 years of criminal trial experience

- trying at least 50 cases, of which 35 were felony jury trials - and

are considered highly regarded criminal defense practitioners in the

United States, Canada or Europe.

For nearly 20 years, Bannister has practiced criminal defense law,

trying more than 60 felony cases in both federal and state courts. In

2007, he earned Criminal Trial Advocacy Certification from the National

Board of Trial Advocacy. Bannister is a member of the South Carolina

Bar, Federal Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense

Lawyers, South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and

National Board of Trial Advocacy, and has been honored at the local,

regional and national levels. In addition to private practice at

Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC, he serves on the Board of Governors for

the South Carolina Bar and as a Greenville Water Commissioner.

Bannister graduated from the University of South Carolina honors program

in 1992 and the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1995.

Please click here (

to download a high-res headshot for Mr. Bannister.

About Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey, LLC

Since 1976, the award-winning attorneys of Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey

have provided skilled, professional and criminal attorneys tailored legal advice in the

areas of criminal criminal attorneys law, family law and real estate law in Greenville,

South Carolina. Learn more at

2 weeks ago

Rental property investing - Sep. 2, 2011

(MONEY Magazine) -- Most of the news lately about real estate has been dismal: Home prices are swooning, foreclosures ballooning.

There is, however, one bright spot: the rental market, where demand is up and rents are rising. That's partly because those foreclosures have turned more than 4 million former homeowners into renters, but also because many other prospective homeowners, worried about losing their jobs or housing prices falling a lot further still, are reluctant to buy now.

As with many investments, the best time to get in is when most others are sitting on the sidelines. To figure out whether you can benefit by investing in rental property, here's what you need to k

2 weeks ago

Court revives Rosetta Stone suit vs Google | Reuters

A federal appeals court on Monday revived the bulk of language-software maker Rosetta Stone Inc's trademark infringement lawsuit against Google Inc.

The opinion is the first appellate decision to address whether Google's sale of other companies' trademarks for sponsored links could give rise to liability for trademark infringement.

In a lawsuit filed in 2009, Rosetta Stone accused Google of committing trademark infringement by selling the language-software maker's trademarks to third-party advertisers for use as search keywords. A Virginia district court had dismissed the case in 2010, finding that the sale of the keywords was not likely to confuse consumers.

But U.S. Court of substance abuse lawyer Appeals for the 4th Circuit overturned most of the lower court's ruling, reviving claims that Google committed direct trademark infringement and diluted the Rosetta Stone brand.

"A reasonable trier of fact could find that Google intended to cause confusion in that it acted with the knowledge that confusion was very likely to result from its use of the marks," Chief Judge William Traxler wrote for the three-judge panel.

Rosetta Stone accused Google of profiting by allowing rivals to purchase trademarked keywords that generate links to their sites when users enter those search terms. Google allows advertisers to buy the top "sponsored link" ad on search result pages. Rosetta Stone argued that people searching for its products on Google were being redirected to competitors and software counterfeiters.

The language-software maker presented deposition testimony of five consumers who attempted to buy bogus Rosetta Stone software after Google started allowing use of trademarks in the text of sponsored links in 2009.

That evidence persuaded the 4th Circuit panel to revive the trademark infringement and dilution claims. The panel also cited an internal Google study finding that even sophisticated consumers were sometimes unaware that sponsored links were advertisements.

The appeals court also reinstated Rosetta Stone's trademark dilution claims. The lower court had granted summary judgment in Google's favor, finding that the Internet giant was not trying to pass off its own goods and services as Rosetta Stone's. But that fact could not defeat the hire trademark lawyer dilution claims, the 4th Circuit ruled.

The panel directed the lower court to reconsider when Google first appeared to dilute the Rosetta Stone trademark, and whether that trademark was "famous" at the time.

Google and its lawyer, Margret Caruso of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

"We're very pleased with the opinion, and we think it is an important precedent," said Rosetta Stone's lawyer Cliff Sloan of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

The case is Rosetta Stone Ltd v. Google Inc, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, No. 10-2007.

(Reporting By Terry Baynes; Editing by Gerald E. McCormick and Tim Dobbyn)

3 weeks ago

Preventative Maintenance - 5 Tips to Save Money With LPG Systems

Preventative maintenance or just maintenance in general can be a saviour to some and a nightmare to others. In the LPG Industry this has never been so apparent.

Mention the names St Peters or Esso Longford would send shivers down the spine of those who can still remember.

With the current economic crisis unfortunately there is too much tunnel vision and many companies see maintenance as a cost important site that can be done without.

What price is good system design?

In the LPG Industry it is paramount that preventative maintenance be kept on the radar. How much do you really save by cutting maintenance and what is the true cost? Are the savings really worth the risk?

The following are 5 areas that can save you money if done right.

1. Right Pump selection This is the heart of the system and you must refer to manufacturer's performance curves for the right information. Many don't actually do this. Look at the usage of the news system that the customer is using now. Are they going to expand? Many customers may not mention this as they cannot see how this impacts your system, but it will! Slightly bigger now will save you much pain down the track.

2. Valving Match the pump with correct flow and volume. Use the right valve for the job and specify requirements without a dollar figure in mind. Specifying on price as a priority will result in component failure in the future. Incorrect valving can be a technician's nightmare as it may mimic another problem and the technician can spend days going in the wrong direction.

For example, a client installed a $50 cheaper valve rather than a safer $90 valve that resulted in a major incident and explosion causing personal injury and a home to be burnt down.

3. Piping Piping should always be the correct diameter for the pump. If it is too small the pump won't work correctly. Cavitation and running dry will destroy a pump.

4. Strainers Strainers stop foreign matter getting into the pump and prevent pump seizures and downtime. They must be installed to prevent costly replacement.

5. Electrics Make sure that there is enough power plus margin to ensure the pump runs at the right speed. Pumps that run at the optimum speed will give you years of trouble free operation.

Many people question whether these areas need to be addressed. When your system is engineered correctly and you have a preventative maintenance system in place, you will have the benefit of a trouble free LPG environment, minimal downtime and continued operation.

Doing it right the first time with the correct parts and equipment will provide long term savings that far outweigh the initial installation cost.

If there is a moral to designing LPG systems, think smarter, not cheaper. Think of the future, risk and cost to the service department who will continually have to repair your system. Similarly there is a major inconvenience to the customer. Your customer's perception of you and your reputation can be built on a professional installation, using the right parts and having a preventative maintenance program in place.

3 weeks ago

Swedish minister quits after being caught driving under influence | Reuters

STOCKHOLM Aida Hadzialic, Sweden's youngest-ever cabinet minister, said on Saturday she was resigning her education post after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Hadzialic, who is minister for upper secondary school, adult education and training, told a news conference she was stopped by police on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden with 0.2 per mille alcohol in her blood after a dinner in Copenhagen.

The 0.2 per mille level is Sweden's legal limit for drunk driving, a level that is low compared to that in most Virginia locations for your wedding other countries.

"I choose to do this because I believe what I have done is that serious," the Social Democrat politician said.

Hadzialic, 29, became Sweden's youngest-ever minister when she was appointed to the center coalition government in 2014. She came as a refugee to Sweden from Bosnia at five years of age with her family.

(Reporting by Anna Ringstrom; Editing by Tom Heneghan)

3 weeks ago

Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Choosing a surgeon can sometimes be the most stressful part of undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. During your consultations, you'll want to carefully scrutinize each surgeon's portfolio in order to assess which is best suited for you. Here are some things to consider when reviewing plastic surgery before and after photos.

1. Are the pictures clear?

The pictures should appear sharp with no blur. They should be in full color and against a solid blue breast augmentation or white background so as not to distract from the subject. Neither the before or after should be a dramatic portrait.

The before should appear natural, not heavily shadowed or bright to obscure the subject's features as they normally appear. The after should be resemble the same positioning and expression as the original for easy comparison. The after shot should be plain as well so as not to distract from the plastic surgery.

2. Does the subject appear natural?

The hair should be pulled back from the face to view facial procedures. No makeup, accessories, or other distractions should be worn. The after pictures should be taken no later than a year and a half after the procedure was performed in order to see maximum results.

3. Do the pictures represent a wide spectrum of patients?

A plastic surgeon's portfolio should represent both genders (when applicable for the procedure) and a variety of different ethnicities and age groups. The results will of course vary by individual, but should appear natural and suited for each person's unique overall features. Keep an eye out for patients with similar complaints and features to yours and their after results.

4. Are there enough examples?

Three or four patient before and after photos is not enough to measure the consistency and quality of a plastic surgeon's work. You should be able to view many photos in order to best evaluate a surgeon's skill and experience.

5. Can you speak with former patients?

Often surgeons can offer to help arrange a meeting or phone call with a previous patient to help you further understand the procedure and get an up close view of his work. Seeing the results in person is more accurate than just viewing a mere photo. It can also reveal his patient's point of view and opinion on not only the results, but the process of the surgery.

6. Are there revision photos?

It is not unusual for plastic surgeons to perform revisions on others works and even their own. Inquire if any of these pictures are available. Not every surgeon, no matter how skilled, is able to perform a surgery perfectly the first time. If revision photos show marked improvement, it demonstrates his ability to correct mistakes and satisfy patients.

7. Does the plastic surgeon's portfolio make you feel more or less confident?

Ideally, after viewing plastic surgery patients, you should feel more confident in the surgeon you choose. The after pictures should reflect similar aesthetic taste to your own as well as a high level of skill. If you find yourself feeling more apprehensive about a plastic surgery procedure after viewing a surgeon's portfolio, take the time to consult with others and compare their work.